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Q: Do you have parking for guests cars?

A: There is on-street metered parking throughout the City of Rome. Meters are located on street corners and dispense tickets that are placed on the inside of the wind screen. The cost is approximatly 1,00 Euro per hour. There are also car parks throughout the city which charge by the hour or by the day.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: No, and we do not accept travelers checks either, but we will be happy to direct you to the nearest bank, ATM, or change office.Anyway we need credit card details in order to accept reservations by email.

Q: Is your place just for students and young people?

A: Most of our guests at Sandy are student and backpackers.

Q: How do I make a reservation?

A: Please, have a look at the specific section of this site.

Q: Are there any extra costs while staying at your place?

A: No. Clean sheets and hot showers are included in the price.

Q: Do you accept children?

A: No, we don't accept children (0-13 y.o.). Also, we do not accept customer over 40 y.o.. If you want one room all for you in this case there is no age limits.

Q: Does your staff speak English?

A: Yes, all of our staff speak English fluently, as well as other languages.

Q: Is your place in a good location for amenities such as shops, laundromat, etc.?

A: Yes. Sandy is excellently located, close to a fruit and vegetable market, supermarket and laundromats. The staff will happily direct you.

Q: Do we need membership card to stay at your place?

A: No, you do not need membership card. Sandy is indipendent.

Q: At what time do we have to check out ?

A: Check out time is at 10 a.m on the day of your departure.

Q: Have you a lock out time?

A: Yes, it is from 11:30am to 14:30pm. We need time to make your place clean...

Q: Do you have rooms with private bathrooms and toilets?

A: We have rooms with private toilets and rooms without private toilets, but there are communal facilities located on the floor.

Q: Do you serve breakfast?

A: Unfortunately we do not serve breakfast but we do provide a communal microwave and the area is well serve with cafe' bars were you can have breakfast.

Q: Do rooms have security boxes?

A: Yes all rooms have lockers.

Q: Have you a maximum stay limit?

A: Yes, it is not possible to stay more than 7 days.
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